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Metsil Exports Private Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of ferro alloys. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Kolkata, India, and manufacturing facility at Barjora near Durgapur.

Metsil Produces a wide range of ferro alloys, including Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese. The company also is into production of niche products like Low carbon and Medium Carbon FeCr , FeCr 65 grade with silicon as low as 1% max. Company also produces Medium and low carbon manganese alloys.

Presently, we are supplying 1,15,000 MT of ferroalloys per year to end-users and traders worldwide and have established a long-standing relationship with our buyers. The company has a long history of providing its customers with quality products and services.

Metsil is committed to producing quality materials and providing hassle-free services in a professional manner. The company has a team of highly skilled and professional individuals who have earned Metsil a very high reputation in the market & is well known amongst the key players in the industry.


  • 1. Excellence in Production
  • 2. Customer Satisfaction:
  • 3. Innovation and Research
  • 4. Sustainability
  • 5. Health, Safety, and Well-being
  • 6. Corporate Responsibility


  • Efficiently produce and supply high-quality ferro alloys
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Foster innovation
  • Operate sustainably
  • Ensure employee safety and well-being
  • Actively contribute to the betterment of local communities.